Starsome Blogs

There are so many great blogs out there! Here are some of the ones I read.

(They’re all gardening blogs, except the ones that aren’t.)

Aberdeen Gardening

Altro Verde

As Long As You Have A Garden

Casa Mariposa

Carolyn’s Shade Gardens


Foxglove Lane

Gardening At The Edge


Garden in the Woods

Gardening With Grace

Gardening With Greggo

Gardens Eye View

Growing Up

Life. Change. Compost.

Moonbeam McQueen

Mulish & Co.

Pam’s English Garden

Rhone Street Gardens

Subplots by Grace

Talking to Plants

The Blooming Garden

The Outlaw Gardener


Weeding on the Wild Side

The wind and the wellies




9 Responses to Starsome Blogs

  1. b-a-g says:

    Linnie – I’m honoured to find my blog in your reading list. Thank you.

  2. Ca says:

    Hi Linnie, thanks for yours and Max’s comments over at Foxglove Lane, much appreciated and nice to see you have added it up there in your starsome blogs, wonderful! You are a real star and of course so is Max!

  3. Bridget says:

    Thanks for putting my blog in your list. I’m honoured!

  4. Alberto says:

    You did it. But when did it happen?! I’ve just noticed it because some wretch came to my blog from your link… Well thanks. I am stunned to be honest because I thought you and Kininvie hated me because I’m silly sometimes. Ok.. often.

  5. Katie says:

    Thank you kindly, Linnie!

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