Coast trip

The garden dog went to the beach, or as we call it in Oregon, the coast.

traveling dogAt the start Max wondered where he was going. (I hope it’s not the vet.)

The road goes from our valley straight west, over the low mountains we call the Coast Range. It takes over an hour to get there.

Westie at the beach


at coast

He was glad he remembered to bring his people.

westie digs at the beach

Sand is to dig.

westie in sand

biggest wave

It was a perfect day. Warm and breezy with big waves.

westie and surf

Nice noisy ocean.

running on the beach

There were hardly any people except the ones he brought so Max didn’t even need his leash.

terrier at beachLittle bubbles came up as the waves went back out. (Sand squirrels probably.)

dog frolicHe entertained his people.

thoughtful dogSometimes the ocean makes you think about life.
(I wonder where all my lost rubber balls are…)

empty beach northIt really wasn’t what you’d call crowded.

looking backpark trail to beachThere were more people at the second beach, and a trail in from a park.
Dogs are allowed on all Oregon beaches, and all Oregon beaches are public.

max with oceanNo time for naps.

getting laterMax got a little tired.

sun is lowIt got later.

back in carBack at the car, Max drank a lot of water (no beer).
But he was so hot and tired that he saved his dinner and ate it later.

back home

It was nice to get back home…

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