Argyle Braveheart

Max had a friend over. A kind of cousin really, by the name of Argyle Braveheart.

Argyle BraveheartHe goes by “Argie” and is a Cairn terrier. (Max is a West Highland White terrier.)

It took a couple of days for Max and Argie to kind of get acquainted.

Westie meets Cairn

Max talks to Argie a lot about how much fun it is to chase a ball, but Argie prefers to chase Max chasing a ball than to chase the actual ball. Max is still trying.

Cairn & WestieAt home Argie has his own urban apartment but he’s had no problem spending a few days in a wilder part of the wild west.

Argyle the Cairn exploresWith two dogs it’s not breakfast no it’s some kind of empty-the-bowl race.

terriers eating breakfast
Max and Argie like to inspect all around outdoors for tracks left in the night by tigers and bears and squirrels.

terriers in the garden

Argie the Cairn

Max the Westie

Between the two of them…

Argyle looks left…they don’t miss much.

Maxfield looks rightBut after a while they get tired.

Cairn and Westie taking a breakArgie has to go home today. We’ll miss him and we’ve asked him to email us now and then. He says he’ll be back to visit soon.

Argyle Braveheart, Cairn terrier

12 Responses to Argyle Braveheart

  1. Roberta says:

    Argie is ADORABLE and I love the new banner at the top of the page. Very nice. I’ll bet those two were busy, they don’t look like they could sit still for too long. Max looks so happy in the 3rd photo down. How good of you to host an extra pooch.

    • linniew says:

      Oh ‘berta you do so get it about dogs. I wish you could have seen how Max & Argie chased each other in mad circles all around the yard one evening. It was really fun and exhausted them both nicely for bedtime.

  2. Grace says:

    One time a friend of mine told me (I’m not making this up) that the neighbor’s dog was her dog’s “best friend.” I thought it was funny that dogs could have “best friends” but this post drives the point home beautifully.

    • linniew says:

      Oh I think dogs definitely have friends, human and otherwise. They also have enemies–Max hates the vacuum cleaner. You should see the teeth marks on the hardwood floor attachment.

  3. Lyn says:

    Argie is very cute. Charlie the Wonder Poodle says that he absolutely agrees with Argie that chasing the dog that’s chasing the ball is the most fun. Although he and the vacuum cleaner now seem to have reached a state of detente, he feels that, like bears and tigers, they can never be completely trusted and you should never turn your back on one. And giving it the occasional bite helps to keep it in line in case it’s plotting something.

    • linniew says:

      I will be watching for an image of Charlie the Wonder Poodle so I can show it to Max.

      Charlie and Max KNOW that vacuum cleaners are possessed by evil spirits and need stopping.

  4. Alberto says:

    Brave dogs! Is it your geranium that is huge or the dogs that are the size of a teaspoon? Rudy doesn’t like to chase the ball either but he likes to chase Mina that chases the ball. It’s nice to have more than one dog, you should get another friend for max… Maybe one of Mina’s puppies?

  5. Fay says:

    How gorgeous – you don’t want another cairn do you? Haggis, the puppy is being rather boysterious and a long walk and a swim over to you might just do him the power of good.

    After I retreave the coal he’s currently chewing.

    Its how they get that mottled colour I hear, by eating coal, and the recycling, and cats, and mud and plants.

    I think your white version is much more sensible!

    • linniew says:

      Coal? And cats? Really? I wonder where Argyle found coal… Still, I will alert his owners since Zeke the Cat might be at risk. No terriers are awfully sensible, including the whites, but they are quite devoted and fun and only dig up plants if there happens to be a mole tunnel below. Or anyway that’s the excuse Max always uses. Send terriers here for vacation anytime Fay, but do use a cruise ship, it’s a long swim.

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