View from the boat

The farmer got the hay in before the rain came back.

hay bales in the field, OregonI like how the bales look like blocks, or sugar cubes.

We went to the metal recycling place. The cubes there were sort of frightening.

recycled metal cubes I’m not sure why.

cubes of smashed metal

Metal things seem like they should last forever––but really I know we’re all rowing our boats in the dream.

I wander the gardens in the early mornings, still astonished at the crowds of roses this year. I wish they would last longer.

Some flowers are ghostly even before they die.

variegated dogwood "Summer Fun"

In truth I almost overlooked these ectoplasmic blooms.

dogwood bloom

But when the garlic started its snaky unfurling of flower, well I noticed right away:

scary garlic scape

I’d heard talk of eating “garlic scapes” which is what these sinuous possibly obscene blooms are sometimes called. According to wikipedia the word is related to “sceptre” and that works for me too since surely garlic is king of something. In future I may call them garlic sceptres, I don’t know yet.

This year I looked up recipes and found a dip made with garlic scapes at the New York Times site.

It turns out that garlic scapes or sceptres taste a lot like fresh garlic, and should absolutely be used in cooking while you wait for those underground cloves to mature. Plus apparently cutting the blooms stops the plant from wasting valuable plant zippiness up there when it should be growing that root so you win that way too.  Or not, depending on who you talk to, but anyway the scapes are amazing and they look kind of like a green extension cord in my refrigerator.

garlic scapes harvested

The dip is made by blending a few chopped scapes with a can of white beans, some lemon juice and olive oil.

garlic scape & white bean dip

It is extremely garlicky and creamy, and green, and perfect on little toasted bread rounds (crostini) or with great crackers. [Garlic dip warning: well as I think about it I don’t really have a warning but probably there should be one.] 


In any case, steady with the oars.




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Unpublished novelist seeks therapy in gardening. Westie assists.
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10 Responses to View from the boat

  1. Steady with the oars. I like that. Or as the recently departed Casey Kasem used to say, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

    Garlic scapes remind me of my stint at a nursery back in the day. The owner was all about garlic scapes and his breath was sometimes unbearable. Not a very good memory really. But your dip looks delish.

    Jude the Obscure is fabulous. And yes, the hay is in and all’s well.

    • linniew says:

      I worked at a nursery one summer too. The proprietor was a grumpy Swiss man, very old and intolerant. I think I would have happily traded his bad temper for a little atmospheric garlic!

  2. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Garlic scapes are delicious! I didn’t know that they were edible until a local produce store started stocking them a couple of summers ago. I’ve only eaten them steamed but your dip looks great. Row on!

  3. You have crowds of roses? I have a few singles in line. 😦 The blackspot battles continue. That dip looks amazing. I love zesty food so I don’t want a warning. I prefer to be shocked.

    • linniew says:

      We are back in rain and the blackspot has come with it. What a plague. The rose blooms are over and now the leaves are going too it seems. I will avert my eyes and look to the pretty Clematis jackmanii or maybe at the dog– he’s always pretty happy.

  4. So are garlic scapes sort of like giant garlic chives? I pretty much like anything that tastes of garlic. On a different topic, there is something ominous about those metal cubes.

    • linniew says:

      Well you eat the leaves of garlic chives like you eat the scapes of garlic but Jason I just today noticed that my garlic chives are themselves producing garlic scapes! They are sort of mini-scapes but look identical in form. And if you have the chives and they are scaping please try eating some and let me know if they are safe.

      Also yes the metal cubes looked like serious trouble to me.

  5. I made the dip and it is delish! No vampires will bother me tonight! :o)

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