Old winter and new baby

Another lovely snowy deep-winter late March day here in Western Oregon.


Tillie in the snow

The MO of this renegade weather is like this:  at night when no one is looking snow falls, and there it is by early daylight in little flats on the tops of posts and across the grass, and then at breakfast it all melts to the coldest, slushiest, mud-ridden mess, and then, a day or two later, at night when no one is looking, snow falls again…

For a change today it was snowing at daylight and has been snowing all day, but wait! it’s 2 degrees above freezing on the ground, so it snows but doesn’t much accumulate, or just enough that we have a constantly refurbished blanket of slush on everything, and still it snows and it’s to snow all night and then be just above freezing tomorrow.

And what about Chicago, where I hear it is 84 degrees F. and feels like hot summer?  This is not weather this is some horrible mistake and I expect Management to take action.  (If it were a Netflix movie I would have a handful of popcorn as I watch and then say, “Too stupid– turn it off.”)

rose in the snow

I honestly do not know what to say to the plants. Here is a rose, wringing her leaves in despair.  She looks at me with that look and I feel like I should dig her up and bring her inside by the woodstove.

But really that is NOT PRACTICAL.

cold rose

The tomatoes are up in the greenhouse, little cold skinny seedlings that look like they are considering going back into the seed pods. I still haven’t touched the trailer-load of compost I bought, and Mr O made me a lovely new garden gate but it needs fine tuning before I unveil it here and we are waiting for a nice day to go outside and make the adjustments.

But you know, out there in the cold, high above in the trees, the birds are singing…

Which brings me to an awesome other note:  tiny grandchild, Kira, arrived a few days early, born on St. Patrick’s Day! And she is a gem.

Here she is when about 30 hours old.

Kira, one day old

I kind of like her.

baby Kira

I got the last-minute Emergency Ragdoll completed just in time.

Whew it was close.

Kira's doll(Often there is an embroidered heart– I stitched a shamrock there instead.)

7:00 pm and the snow continues. Nice what it does to the evening light.  60 miles south is six inches of snow. North is rain. I might take another short trip in my space ship.

evening snow


About linniew

Unpublished novelist seeks therapy in gardening. Westie assists.
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32 Responses to Old winter and new baby

  1. Roberta says:

    A St. Paddy’s Day baby. That’s wonderful! It sounds like you are having a long and drawn out Winter to Spring transition. The doll with the shamrock heart, that’s a treasure. Good thinking, Grandma!

    • linniew says:

      Thanks ‘berta. Lots of snow this morning–maybe four inches! But the sun is coming out.

      Making the doll was really fun and kept me out of trouble for two full days.

  2. Alison says:

    We are getting the same weather pattern here, just south of Seattle. It is so disheartening. Your new grand-daughter is beautiful!

    • linniew says:

      Hi Alison!
      And Seattle had all that ice earlier this winter– you must be totally ready for some soft weather. Well we just took a walk outside, sun is bright and all is dripping. I knocked the snow off the bamboo so the canes could stand up straight again, Max leaped around until he was soaked and then we came back in to the fire. This March has been a Lion, top to toe. Let’s hope for April!

  3. Holleygarden says:

    Oh, how wonderful to have a new grandbaby! And the fact that she was born on St. Patrick’s day makes her even more special. I love the doll! Very cute. Sorry to hear about your snow, but as you say – the weather is acting a little “too stupid” this days!

  4. Bridget says:

    The Winter is dragging there now…or maybe that’s normal. Here in Ireland it’s fairly Springlike and dry…for a change. Love the doll…baby so sweet. I wonder what the world will be like when this one reaches 18?!!

  5. b-a-g says:

    Please don’t tell Tillie that I went to work with short sleeves today …
    What a lovely home-made gift! I bet Kira keeps it forever.

    • linniew says:

      I remember short sleeves… Enjoy the warmth b-a-g! The sun did come out for a while and made it nice to work in the greenhouse, once I kicked aside enough of the snow so I could open the door.

      I was surprised I could find the patience to make that doll, but I quite enjoyed it. She was reborn from old table linens and portions of not needed clothing–only the yarn hair was new.

  6. That beautiful new baby will take your mind of the weather — at least for a while. I hate to say it ,but we are having another day with record-breaking temps here in Madison (75 degrees at 4 pm). Wish I could enjoy it more; everything is exploding open and fading from the heat within a day or two. I console myself that at least I am not a farmer who could lose my crop with this wacky weather. All the folks who grow apples and cherries here are nervous.

    • linniew says:

      Linda! Thanks for coming by.
      I can well imagine that the early warmth is a worry for orchards, but still I hope you are enjoying it. I guess we all stay tuned and see what comes next– Personally I’ve started to have this nagging worry about tornadoes. We rarely have them here but there was one last summer, a small one that took out a building or two and hurt no one. It’s those childhood experiences watching Dorothy and Toto combined with the new Anything Goes weather…

  7. Greggo says:

    We’re not in Kansas anymore…..woops.

  8. cynthia says:

    Oh how discouraging your weather must be. I think you must be the only area enduring winter this . . . winter. Congratulations on the new grandbaby!

  9. Grace says:

    I think I might UNsubscribe to Netflix. Or maybe throw popcorn at the screen, write to the producer and demand that s/he amend the plot. This is just too bizarre for my tastes.

    On another note, baby Kira is beautiful. Congratulations!

    • linniew says:

      Today looks a little more hopeful Gracie! Birds are singing about it outside. I just went through seed packets to see what to plant next in the greenhouse…

  10. Congratulations! And so much hair on her head… That’s amazing!

    I hope you will have much joy out of her over the next many, many years.

  11. I am frantic about the weather—not that it does any good. 85 degrees on Friday, 28 degrees overnight this Monday. Which plants shall I save? I can’t cover them all.

    • linniew says:

      Good heavens Carolyn! That is like weather in some desert someplace. And you have a lot of gorgeous plants to worry about. I hope the predictions are simply wrong, and it all modifies soon.

  12. Alberto says:

    Sorry, I’m late with my best congrats for your grandchild! She’s so nice! I like the ragdoll with a shamrock in the place of the heart… can I have one too? (I mean ragdoll, not stitched shamrock to replace my heart (do I have one?)).

    It’s incredible to see snow and snow in your garden, I bet you’re fed up with this winter! Here the weather seems to have skipped spring to make suddenly summer: it’s an explosion of weeds everywhere! Wonderful, I got a suntan weeding yesterday and this morning…

    • linniew says:

      I would say you have quite a nice heart Alberto. Someday I may make you a ragdoll.

      Nice to think of you out in the sun and getting ahead of the weeds. We have had a couple of sunny days now, but rain coming tonight. No suntans yet. A new load of composted farm stuff, black and rich so I am ready to go over all the plantings and have already worked with some of the vegetable beds. There is hope!

  13. kininvie says:

    Hi Linnie, Glad the baby did what was expected of it…. I’m amazed by your snow. I’ve returned from the deep south to a warm and sunny Scotland….and you still have snow! Mind you, we will probably get some before long. Long experience tells me to beware of March and April warmth.

    • linniew says:

      Greetings Kininvie
      The snow amazed everyone here as well. An unheard of thing, snow on the ground in March. Slowly it improves.

      I hope Scotland gets enough sun to carry you through whatever comes next.

  14. Roberta says:

    When are you ever going to be able to loll about in shorts? It’s just not right, your weather. I wore shorts for the first time yesterday (pity the poor souls without sunglasses). We are getting a truckload of soil on the weekend. We had a saint of a friend offer to pick up and deliver it to us. I’m so excited! I think that I may need to plant the pumpkin seeds soon.

    I do love the snow pic that you posted and I really love to see babies that are bundled up in cold weather. They look like little kolaches.

    • linniew says:

      Well I’m more a skirt or rolled up cotton pants sort of dresser, but I know what you mean. Today was quite mild. Still, clearly the weather is broken.

      Yay about the truckload of soil!! It is so inspiring, to have a great resource like that for the gardens. I bet it goes first into your beautiful raised veg. beds… Yesterday we got a bunch of year-old cleanings from horse stalls, composted hay and manure, all black and rich and cool looking. We took Max along and he really wanted to get out and make the horses crazy (they looked a little crazy anyway, running and bucking but maybe it was spring fever) but no they were expensive race horses (doesn’t make better manure) and Max stayed in the truck. Anyway, you and I are for the moment quite rich ‘berta!

      I had to look up “kolaches” — does look sweet and good like that little baby.

  15. Scott Weber says:

    Oh man, yeah, the weather this year is INSANE. A few months ago, when we were having such a mild winter, I’d talk to my dad back in the midwest and he’d casually mention it was snowing and 30 below. Now, it’s snowing here and 80 degrees back there…in March! I just hope we aren’t in for a crazy-hot summer…my fingers are crossed 😉

    • linniew says:

      Hi Scott!
      I too have this nagging worry about What Comes Next. It is a vague general fear with hints of tornadoes and desert landscapes. Or I suppose we could get a summer of rain (like the Summer of Love only not so fun), but I expect your fear of hot and dry is more likely.

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