Wordless Halloween


candle ghost

Dracula Westie

jack o lantern


About linniew

Unpublished novelist seeks therapy in gardening. Westie assists.
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40 Responses to Wordless Halloween

  1. Cathy says:

    OMG, I love Max!!! But my fave pic is the shadow … the last one. 😉

  2. Lyn says:

    I think you’ve got the right costume for Max at last.

  3. kininvie says:

    Where’s the mini-pumpkin? Where’s the turnip lantern? Where’s the beet-o-lantern? I don’t think you are taking this seriously enough…

    • linniew says:

      Oh Kininvie you should have seen the turnips in the market! They were few and very small and didn’t have any character at all. We ate the beets and the mini-pumpkin went to vegetable heaven. Don’t you think the French pumpkin is jolly? (I haven’t mentioned my pie plans to him.)

  4. Roberta says:

    Wordless? Wordless? Well, I never! My favorite photo is the one of Max. I think he looks smashing! That’s the perfect costume for him.

    • linniew says:

      My wordlessness had to do with poor planning. But Halloween was here and there were no words, and it was night and I was too sleepy to find words, so you were all spared. But don’t count on it happening again. Best regards to you from the Terrier of the Night…

  5. Alistair says:

    Halloween, look out for super max. I will add a picture of your garden and a link to your blog on my (Your Gardens) page. Let me know if you would rather have it removed. alistair

  6. Grace says:

    Great holiday-themed photos, Linnnie girl. I have to say I favor that contemplative look on Max’s face to one of barred teeth and a ready-to-attack stance. Love that you kept the long stem on the pumpkin. It adds character. That last photo: a giant doppelganger Linnie is really scary! Remind me not to get on your bad side. If you have one. 🙂 Do you have one? I doubt it.

  7. Interesting – the shadow definitely creeped me out. LOVE your dog.

  8. Janet says:

    I think your wee dog is just a poser! Did you ever try making a turnip lantern as a child? It took hours and was hard work… Pumpkins are so much easier and then use them in soups. I’ve never been a neeps fan…

    • linniew says:

      Hi Janet
      Yes Halloween turnip lanterns are new to me, although I’ve heard a great deal about them in recent weeks. But really it is difficult to locate a very large turnip in these parts– I did try. I was thinking we might carve beets but as it happened I had one large garden pumpkin and he got pressed into service. I think the smile is the tiniest bit strained– he suspects about the pie plan I’m afraid.

      • kininvie says:

        Janet, I’m ashamed of you – letting us down like that when I have spent AGES trying to convince Linnie of the virtues of neeps. Now I shall have to start all over again. Linnie, the answer is to grow your own neep. Lots of manure and plenty of water and it will grow quite big enough to carve before next year. You could plant it in that bed where you had planned to put the clematis cuttings – because, as we know, there won’t be anything to put there…..
        Go on, sow some neeps, and I’ll never be rude about your sunflowers again!

        • kininvie says:

          And look – all things are possible, even if you have to move to Alaska:


          • linniew says:

            I might plant some neeps. But I will not move to Alaska.

            • kininvie says:

              For the sake of a giant neep, I would have thought a move to Alaska was a minor sacrifice. Really, you have to seize opportunities in this life, or else you just vegetate….

              • linniew says:

                The fallacy here is that moving to Alaska is an “opportunity.”

                • kininvie says:

                  It’s obviously an opportunity to grow a giant neep. And to fail to take such an opportunity does seem to me to fall a little short of what I understood to be the pioneering spirit of the US. In fact, ‘manifest destiny’ seems to ring a bell. Are you sure you won’t reconsider?

                  • linniew says:

                    ‘Manifest destiny’ got us to the west coast, which is where I comfortably am. Alaska is about a thousand miles away from here. Yes I believe the pioneer spirit is alive and well there, along with some other attitudes we won’t talk about–but whatever made you think I’m a pioneer? I don’t even like camping. I think a small neep will be fine, or else I shall remain Neepless in Oregon.

        • I now have to defend myself for not liking neeps….
          In their favour they are easy to grow and I can’t think of much else except to put them in the soup! Watery mounds of neeps with my haggis and mashed tatties did not go down well when I was a child. It’s even worse if the neeps had gone a bit woody….

          • linniew says:

            Your honesty is refreshing Janet. But I’m sorry you were recalled to painful childhood suppers. I hope your current life includes lovely delicate Italian pastas with mushrooms and Parmesan– and French desserts with chocolate and brandy.

            I may attempt to grow turnips next year. Then I can try them in soup, since it appears I must grow them for Halloween turnip lanterns. Actually I’m anxious to use one of Mr O’s giant brace-and-bit drills to hollow out the center… Do visit me in the hospital.

          • kininvie says:

            No one was talking about eating them (although the chickens are partial). It’s the sturdy robustness of the neep lantern that I am espousing. You can’t go guizing in the rain with a Pumpkin, for heaven’s sake.

  9. The pumpkin is beautiful, but Max, your Westie, looks like such a good boy, and absolutely dapper in his cape. My dog would probably have eaten that cape, or run off around the yard with it! 😛 Happy Fowloween!

    • linniew says:

      I bet all your chickens have their feathers arranged in costumes tonight, and they will come to your door and you won’t recognize them and you will give them chocolate covered popcorn and never know! #chick-or-treat

  10. Indie says:

    Haha, the dog is so cute!! I love the pumpkin photo as well – it has great character!

  11. Carolyn♥ says:

    Never have I seen such a frightfully SCARY dog vampire before… great picture!

  12. My favorite is of Max in his cape…so cute! Was he out on the prowl for Halloween? He is too cute to be scary. 🙂

  13. Fay says:

    Now reading down I realise max oes not attend hogwarts, a very dapper cape indeed. We love both neeps and Halloween as it’s my sons birthday we let him eat neeps for his birthday tea, then we also let him wear his cape, which is quite like max’s. Oh dear my son may also be a vampire.

    I’m glad you’ll try neeps, brr to Alaska though, stay put.

    • linniew says:

      Happy birthday to your son Fay! Actually the vampire cape Max wears is one I made years ago for my children. It has gotten a lot of use. But I do hope your child is not a vampire, might be more of a challenge than say a poor math grade or a broken bicycle.

      No danger of my moving to Alaska, not my sort of place at all.

      • Fay says:

        The man child assures me he’s not a child of the night. And has expressed this quite verbosely, given his shocking English grade, I guess I’m releived as you say it’s just grades I’m worried about. Keeping garlic to hand, just in case. Our cape was home made too, fine craftwomanship award to us both.

        • linniew says:

          I remember worrying about children’s grades. They just need to know you worry, so then they know it’s important. But it’s probably not as important as we think it is. Do keep the garlic around, it might be useful against certain difficult other relatives and always good with pasta. And (as I’m certain you know) capes are only magic if they’re hand-made. (Lucky kids.)

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