August rain

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Woke up this morning to rolling thunder and flashes of light at the window and rain breaking our recent warm weather.  Actually it is still not quite daylight as I write (5:00 a.m.). It was difficult to sleep through the thunder and knowing the cushions on the wicker chairs were getting soaked. So I went out in the dark and salvaged them, and Max is still wondering why on earth we are up at this hour, not that he is still awake.

terrier nappingHe almost opened one eye at at my camera from his blanket on the daybed in the room where I write. He does look as though he could use some more rest…

I think of the storm raging in the Atlantic and those who are preparing for its arrival on the east coast and my thunder showers seem easy.

Suddenly I feel there is a great deal to get done before winter! I do love writing here and I could do it every day but I have been drawn away. A few photos for you. First my house painting. I’ve been working up high…


I love the view from the scaffold. At the top I can look over the roof and see which trees are tallest above the house.

There is just the right-hand part of the elevation to complete now. Rearranging the scaffold is the hardest part.  In the meantime I have some work — income-producing — after a typically slow summer in that regard. (Income happens here.)

In other news, there are three seriously growing clematis cuttings

clematis cuttings grow

One Montana and two (different) large flowered ones.

There are a few other hopefuls and some more that have gone to That Big Garden in the Sky. I just wish I knew what made one grow and another die. One of life’s mysteries. (I’ll add it to the list.) My percentage of success with these cuttings is definitely reduced, but I am happy and not certain exactly what to do with the ones that did grow. They get a winter of protection while I think about it.

Time to start gathering seeds.

So irresistible, like winning a prize. “Get your free plants, get your free plants!” I hear that in my head. So I gather seeds. Hollyhocks, cornflowers, Dephinium consolida, petunias, balloon flowers, foxglove, so fun and easy, filling up the little envelopes.

And then too, I took advantage of Tom’s invitation to post on his blog, Growing Up because he kindly asked me. So the rest of my words this week are waiting for you over there. (Thanks Tom!)


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Unpublished novelist seeks therapy in gardening. Westie assists.
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16 Responses to August rain

  1. kininvie says:

    Wow! Congratulations on the clematis. That’s two more than I’ve ever managed. I take back all my sceptical comments (but are you really sure there are roots?) And what’s that weird thing on wheels in front of the house?

  2. linniew says:

    Yes Kininvie I’m CERTAIN that there are roots. And I’m impressed that you have grown even one clematis cutting– what a difficult propagation. Now, the thing on wheels is a “chop saw” — in addition to paint, the house was missing some molding on the gable trim and Mr. O has been restoring it, with the saw to cut the angles. It does kind of look like a coffee cart or something…

  3. Alberto says:

    Well I hope Mr.O doesn’t bring you coffee in that coffee cart with room service…
    I really like your house and the way you’re restoring it. A lot of job uh?

    I think Max needs a new haircut by the way.

    • linniew says:

      No I have to make my own coffee. (In a little press, very nice.) And yes the house has been a lot of work, for years. Mostly we have worked inside so that part is more together (in general) than the outside.

      Max will get a trim with his bath later today but keep in mind you are seeing him here before he combed his coat this morning, quite rumpled and sleepy, kind of still in his pajamas….

  4. Good old Max he always makes me smile, as we say here “there’s a pair of ye in it”
    Lovely early morning vibe, and the house is looking lovely, I’d even say romantic!

    • linniew says:

      Thanks Ca– I like “romantic” — some of it is more what you might call picturesque I’m afraid. Rain is gone now, and a hot day coming. But it was enough to water all the plants for me.

  5. Wow…your house will be lovely once it is finished. And your clematis plants look like they are raring to go…

  6. b-a-g says:

    I like the design of your house too.

    Love that photo of Max asleep, I hope he doesn’t mind you posting it on the internet.

  7. NHGarden says:

    Sooo, where is the photo of the VIEW?? 🙂

  8. Bridget says:

    I too am a seed gatherer. I just love it, growing plants from residents already in the garden. Taking lots of cuttings too as we are thinking about extending the garden over Winter.

    • linniew says:

      I have had fall success in the greenhouse with lettuce, spinach and cucumbers. Usually by about November they kind of shut down during the short daylight time. I love starting perennial flowers in the greenhouse in late summer, and cuttings too, showing hope for spring!

  9. Grace says:

    Wow. You be careful up there on that scaffold, ya hear? 🙂 Your lamps look wonderful. You really are a woman of many talents. I’ve been collecting seed too. Maybe we can swap later on. … That was some thunderstorm wasn’t it? Congrats on your Clemmy babies. Max is a cutie pie.

    • linniew says:

      Hi Grace! The tall scaffold work is finished so no more parachutes 😉 Yes somehow we should figure out the logistics of a seed swap– I’ve seen it suggested on other blogs too.

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