Happy Midsummer

Dear Garden-mad Northern Hemisphere Friends,

Just a note to wish you a glorious and uninhibited and even frolicksome Summer Solstice on June 21st!

It’s the L-O-N-G-E-S-T daylight of the entire year, a day to dance and sing and throw flowers (get them out of the neighbors’ gardens, don’t wreck yours) and to run naked through the periwinkle!

Max potting

Max goes a little nuts at the Summer Solstice. (And not a stitch on.)

The SunThis is the Sun card from the (US Games Systems)  Rider Tarot deck

The Sun is the important thing today, and I hope it’s shining gently upon you and your plants. Take your sox off or something, and run through the grass. Eat some chocolate. Cheers!

p.s.- If you live in the Southern Hemisphere of our dear planet then I hope you are having an awesome Mid-winter with lots of candles burning.


About linniew

Unpublished novelist seeks therapy in gardening. Westie assists.
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10 Responses to Happy Midsummer

  1. Oh my, so darling. Max is a cutie.

  2. linniew says:

    He loves to destroy empty gallon pots, but it’s so funny to watch him that he often gets away with it.

  3. thanks for brightening this soggy solistice day with these highly amusing pics.

  4. Greggo says:

    Looks like fun…got a size 7 3/8 pot I can stick my head in?

  5. Grace says:

    Happy first day of summer. I’m taking my socks off now!

  6. Aimee says:

    Oh, to be a dog! What a happy and entertaining little guy you have there – thanks for sharing these hilarious photos of Max in a state of utter joy and abandon – completely appropriate to it being the most sunshine / daylight we can get it one day. Lead the way, Max!

  7. linniew says:

    I bet your cats partied yesterday while YOU were at work. Any catnip missing?

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