May Bloom Day in western Oregon

A thank you to Diane at My Cottage Garden for passing on the idea that the 15th of every month be Blogger’s Bloom Day, a day to share whatever is in bloom out there. Yippee! Now what did Mr. O do with that camera? And did it quit raining?

This yellow violet is Viola glabella, an Oregon wildflower. It doesn’t run crazy like the wild blue ones, and I have actually worked pretty hard to keep it growing in a couple shady places in my garden. My dad called them Johnny Jump-ups.


This is another native plant that I use a lot, called Fringecup, or Tellima grandiflora.  I love the vertical thing it does, very architectural, and the big round leaves like coral bells, which it must be related to.

As the flowers age the little fringe edges turn from pink to a watermelon red, delicate and odd looking, like a someone touched them up with some watercolor paint.

Here is a little rhododendron hedgelet (3 plants)  in bloom, Cunningham’s white, many years old and very dependable.

Cunningham's white rhododendron

The blooms on this rhododendron begin as pink and decide about being white later.

French lilac

And here is the first bloom of a lilac I mail ordered a couple of years ago from a nursery in Maine– I have characteristically lost the names of both the variety and the nursery (Sorry!)– but I know it is what is called a French lilac.  It’s the only lilac I have that is not some shade of purple, and it’s a double, very fragrant, I LOVE IT.

Once I tried to grow a white lilac but the lilac part died and its root stock grew on and became a small tree. I believe that the tree is privat, like used in hedges, only we pruned this one to a tree. It has little white flowers later and is a nice canopy for a corner of my front garden. (I include it in Bloom Day because of its lilac connections.)

privat tree

One more Bloom Day image, another wildflower,  Smith’s fairy lantern (Prosartes smithii). The flowers light up at night. (Sometimes.)

Smith's fairy lantern


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4 Responses to May Bloom Day in western Oregon

  1. Carolyn says:

    Nice blooms! I once gardened in Oregon… loved our time there. Beautiful memories.

  2. I like the vignette made by the rhododendron and birdbath. What a nice scene.

  3. Rachelle says:

    Back-lurking, again. I think your lilac is Beauty of Moscow, Krasavitsa Moskvy (a French lilac of Russian origin, I think). I have one.

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