Winter of our discontent.

Good grief, it’s been so long…

Here in Oregon we are awash in rain. Endless rain. Sometimes sun breaks, which last about as long as it takes to go find the shovel. Even the dog is getting depressed. But the birds sing, the fruit trees are budded and Spring presses on.

Thank the goddess for the greenhouse, full of life. Even tiny basil plants, and big tomatoes in gallon pots already. Give me a couple of sunny days and stand back.  That is just as soon as I get over this plague I have, something Mr. O. brought home to me,  instead of flowers or chocolates. Someone should speak to him.

Max the terrier has pretty much slept under the woodstove all winter. He goes out to check the weather, but is generally not impressed. Here is his April calendar picture:

In truth there were a few dry days, I don’t know,  some weeks ago.  Mr. O. owed me some rocks, part of my winter birthday present I think, held over till later. I found the rock guy from a Craigslist ad, and we put the flatbed trailer on the van and loaded up the Westie (he likes trips) and went on a rock buy. Big rocks.

When we got home it took the tractor scoop to unload the Big Rocks, and then it took two days of winching and prying and skooching to get the incredibly heavy things into a circle as required to make a round raised bed. But we did it, kind of like Stonehenge.

So now I have another great place for native plants, in that the round raised bed is in the midst of a tiny forest I am developing.

It used to be a rose garden, but some maples volunteered in it a few years ago, and the roses got too shady, and last summer I decided out with the roses. In the meantime I have added baby evergreen trees and native shrubs and now I am planting woodland groundcovers and ferns and flowers. But it all kind of looks like mud so far, but the rocks rock:


About linniew

Unpublished novelist seeks therapy in gardening. Westie assists.
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One Response to Winter of our discontent.

  1. Diane says:

    Oh yes, I see you have a lovely little four-legged helper. He is just too cute. Does he like to dig in the dirt with those kissable little white paws?

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