Just because it’s a bed spring doesn’t mean it isn’t a cucumber trellis.

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cucumbers climbing

Cucumbers with a southern exposure, and bush beans growing nicely in the shade below.

Now I see the problem with a garden oriented blog. I am always out in the garden, which is not where the computer is. But summer is winding down and I  must complete the saga of the Cucumber Trellis.  Here, as promised, is a shot of the Orient Express (English) cucumbers as they marched up the trellis in July.

About every three weeks I gave these cucumbers a drink of fish fertilizer, and we have had 2-3 lovely English cucumbers available for our eating enjoyment at all times for weeks– I think they first produced in early July. (The tomatoes could learn a few things from them.) Today there are five cucumbers in my refrigerator, and many more coming on the vines!

On the darker side, a deer ate the pepper plants. Then I covered them with bird netting, and now, finally, they have grown new tops and we have three peppers. But this is the summer I learned to use netting A LOT. All salad greens, beans, carrots, and the new fall plantings (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brusselssprouts) get netting. I don’t know if it’s a bunny or a deer, but something is Out There, and netting is my new weapon of choice.

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Unpublished novelist seeks therapy in gardening. Westie assists.
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